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I am located in Borås, Sweden but it's possible for me to do photoshoots in Gothenburg and other places that's not too far away. I have experience in portrait photography, both commercial and editorial, and also product photography. If requested I would be more than happy to photograph landscapes, architecture, street photography and concerts as well. 

I also offer image retouching. I can do more advanced retouching, such as image manipulation in photoshop, but also less advanced editing of vacation-photos et cetera. 

Examples of pricing for standard retouching:*

1 photo - 12$

5 photos - 50$

10 photos - 80$

20 photos - 150$

20< photos - 5$ per photo 

Advanced retouching in Photoshop:*

30$ per photo

Pricing for photoshoots and photos (licences and prints etc) will vary significantly. please send me an email to discuss pricing. Email:

*All prices are negotiable  

If you want to work with me or if you've got any related questions, use this form

Examples of my editing process: 

Disclaimer: not my photograph, only edited